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Dhurrie Rugs

INDIAN DHURRIE RUGS presents its collection of custom dhurries based on designs of classical rugs of the past, and modern and contemporary designs.   We fabricate our dhurries rugs in fine cotton yarns and wool, and our master dyers are able to create hundreds of dhurrie color combinations. Choose from one our standard designs or send your custom design. The process takes 6-10 weeks depending on the size and complexity of each rug.


Standard Designs

·      DESIGNS:  You may use one of our designs below, modify a design, or suggest your own custom design.

·      SIZES:  Custom sizes from 1'x1’ to 20’x30’.

·      COLORS:  Choose one of our standard colors, any of hundreds of Pantone colors, or your color swatch/sample.

·       MATERIALS:  In fine 100% Cotton or 100% Wool.


All of our fine yarns are custom dyed for each rug. Our dhurries are available in our standard colors as shown below.  Or, we can also match any Pantone Color (see Pantone Color Guides online), or your sample/swatch colors

Dhurrie Gallery

About Dhurries

Our Dhurrie Rugs are hand-loomed by artisans in Rajasthan, India, using a traditional method that dates back centuries.  This ancient art form has been passed down from generation to generation and there are entire families of rug weavers dedicated to the art of the dhurrie rug.  Traditionally the dhurries are 100% cotton or wool, flat woven on a loom, ensuring a truly hand-crafted all-natural product.  Our designs are mostly inspired by antique dhurries and motifs. 


 By definition, a dhurrie (the word is sometimes spelled "dari" or "durrie") is a flat-woven rug indigenous to India and the surrounding regions -- Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Burma.  Dhurries are always weft-faced, which means that the warp, or lengthwise threads of the rug, are never visible except at the fringes. Dhurries can be coarsely or finely woven and, best of all, they are reversible.

Contact Us

For inquiries please contact us at or use the form below.

You may indicate the design specifications as outlined below and we will be happy to send you a quotation.  We can also provide a draft rendition of the design and colors if you are interested in ordering. Most dhurries take 6-12 weeks to fabricate as each rug is hand-dyed and hand-woven to order. 


Design: Choose form one of our standard design or give us your design. You may adjust stripes, patterns, borders, etc. 

Size: Any sizes from 1'x1' to 20'x30', including runners and custom shapes.

Colors: Choose from our standard colors or any Pantone color. Or, give us your custom swatch/sample.

Materials:  In either 100% Fine Cotton or 100% Fine Wool. 

Other:  With or without fringe, or any custom requests. 

Sample Inquiry:  Southampton Design, 10'x14', Royal Blue & White, Wool, No Fringe