Haveli Dhurrie Rug Haveli Dhurrie Rug  

Ikat Wool Dhurrie

INDIAN DHURRIE RUGS presents its collection of Custom based on designs of classical rugs of the past, and modern and contemporary designs.   We can fabricate dhurrie rugs in fine cotton or wool yarns, and our master dyers are able to create hundreds of dhurrie color combinations.

See our
Custom dhurrie rugs
to order rugs in any sizes, colors  and materials. We have a number of standard designs, or you can send us your design. From time to time we also offer unique Antique Dhurries sourced from India.   We also offer  Ready-Made Dhurries from our inventory at our online shopping area which are available for immediate delivery.

SIZES:   From 2' x 3'  up to 20' x 30'  (special sizes can be accommodated)
MATERIALS:   In Cotton or Wool.  Also available in Silk, Chenille and Organic Yarns.
DESIGNS:   Based on one of our
Custom designs, including striped dhurries, chevron dhurries, zigzag
dhurries, classic tile dhurrie designs, ikat dhurrie designs,  medallion designs, or in your custom design.
COLORS:  One of our
Standard Colors or we can dye
any color from Pantone ranges or your samples.
Ready-Made Dhurries are available for immediate shipping and delivery via UPS, FedEx or USPS. 
Custom Dhurries take from 6-16 weeks for fabrication and shipping time is 1-2 weeks additional.

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